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Our Founders

Bernard Muller

is a serial entrepreneur within the maritime and oil industry. Last year his company received the gold “gazelle” for fastest growing company in Holland and is¬†nominated for EY entrepreneur of the year 2014.

Robbert Jan Stuit

is managing director of an investment company and entrepreneur in real estate and technology. He has vast experience in building companies in every life cycle stage.

Garmt van Soest

is a versatile manager with a strong background in business strategy and technology. He has advised Fortune 500 companies in the United States and Europe since 2000.


They all three have Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a rare killer disease and strive to turn your investment into a marketable cure…



This is why they founded the ALS investment fund, and this is also the point where you come in… The fund combines all factors needed in the process of finding a cure for ALS. Knowledge, skills,¬†acceleration and capital. Interested? On this website you can view the day program, read more information on ALS, the fund or register now.Join us May 19th 2014 in Amsterdam at the offices of our sponsor Accenture.

Keynote speakers

Jamie Heywood, founder PatientsLikeMe.com ; Ronald Brus, founder of MyTomorrows.com ; Marguerite Soeteman, Group Managing director AON ; Guido van Berkel, Robeco / Rabobank ; Dr. Jan Veldink, lead investigator project MinE.